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Find Out If You Qualify

We understand the difficulties involved with determining patient eligibility which is why we have made it easy for Maryland residents! Read through the checklists below to determine if you qualify as a patient.

Do you have at least one of the following conditions? (Click to Open)

One or more injuries that significantly interferes with daily activities

Moderate to severe chronic pain

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)


Alzheimer's disease


Chronic pancreatitis

Crohn's disease



Hepatitis C, currently receiving antiviral treatment


Multiple sclerosis

Muscular dystrophy

Parkinson's disease

Positive status for HIV

*Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Spinal cord injury/disease

Traumatic brain injury

Ulcerative colitis

If yes, please review symptoms.


Do you have at least one of the following symptoms? (Click to Open)

Severe pain for which other treatment options produced serious side effects

Severe pain not responding to previously prescribed medications or surgical procedures

Elevated intraocular pressure


Chemotherapy-induced anorexia

Wasting syndrome

Constant or severe nausea

Moderate to severe vomiting


Severe, persistent muscle spasms

Agitation of Alzheimer's

If yes, please continue below.

Great! Here’s How You Can Register

Step 1

Speak with your physician or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse about therapeutic cannabis.

If your physician agrees, have them fill out the physician form.

That the onset or diagnosis of the patient’s qualifying medical condition occurred within the past 3 months; and

The certifying provider is primarily responsible for the patient’s care related to his or her qualifying medical condition.

Step 2

Access the government-issued application forms.

Review all patient instructions.

Complete the application and submit the following:

Written certification completed by provider

Digital photograph (see patient application instructions)

Upload proof of MD residency

Enclose $50 check to Treasurer

Mail or hand-deliver application to: